5 Sydney Swimming Holes

To escape the dreary weather this past weekend I decided to take a mental splash into some of Sydney’s most amazing watering holes (not the pub variety) which we frequented over summer. And it was pretty damn refreshing… In Sydney, we’re very lucky to have such variety when it comes to places to swim; surf beaches, ocean pools, harbour beaches and a bunch of bays hidden away from the masses. I thought I’d take the time to highlight a few of my faves from the summer just gone. Once this weather finally decides to clear up, I’d suggest getting down to your favourite for a few more dips before the water temps start to drop off.

McKenzies Bay A favourite for surfers, families and eastern suburbs pooches, Macca’s offers something for everyone. You can often find half-decent waves in the bay, but there are also loads of natural swimming/dipping pools for those who aren’t fussed on waves or white-wash.

Gordon’s Bay Located between Clovelley and Coogee, Gordon’s Bay is a great spot to find yourself a rock and soak up some sunshine, or hit the water for a leisurely dip or a snorkel. Hot tip – If you see a dark shape looming in the depths, its more likely to be a diver than a shark.

Kutty Beach: A seriously secluded joint close to Watson’s Bay in Sydney harbour. Kutty beach is dog friendly and is a great spot to chill right out. Hot Tip – Try heading down there mid-week or early morning to skip the crowds.

Parsley Bay: Parsley Bay is an easy spot to miss but this sweet little spot can be found nestled just to the east of Vaucluse Bay. Its a great spot for a day in the sun, with a great little beach and large bay (with shark net) swimming.

Nielsen Park: A great little park near Vaucluse with loads of room for activities, it even comes complete with its own shark net if that’s something that worries you. But if you stray from the main park and head around the walking track to the west you should be able to find some nice secluded rock shelves to yourself with pin point views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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