One Week of Talalla Beach Bliss

Surfing, yoga, eating and chilling under the shade of the coconut trees…  This was basically how we spent an entire week at Talalla Beach Resort, which is located on the southern coastline of Sri Lanka.

Of the many beaches that we sampled throughout our three week trip, Talalla Beach was by far our favourite as it didn’t have the same bustling, touristy vibe that a lot of the more popular Southern coastine beaches had. It was also one of the prettiest beaches that we discovered during our time in Sri Lanka, which made it a delight to shoot, swim and spend time at.

For me Talalla Beach Resort was the perfect mix of relaxation and activities. Nat would practice yoga each morning, and I would hit up the local surf break called S.K Town. We’d meet up afterwards for brekkie, and either chill on the beach or explore the local area.  We’d then yoga/surf again late in the afternoon each day. We followed this routine for a week, and left feeling more relaxed and in-sync than we probably have ever felt in our entire lives.

A couple of key things to check out between surf sessions if you’re in the area:

Hiriketia Bay – This place goes by a heap of different names; Horse-shoe Bay and Blue Beach are the most common. It’s only 20 mins up the road from Talalla and is well worth the trip for a surf or a beer on sunset.

Lace Factory  – I was dragged a little hesitantly to the local lace factory. but I was blown away by the intricacy of this ancient art-form. It’s situated less than 5 mins from Talalla. Ask the locals and they’ll give you directions.

S.K Town – If you’re a surfer, this is the best spot within 20mins Tuk Tuk or Scooter ride from Talalla Beach Resort. It’s a super fun beach break for all levels of experience.

One of the things that we also loved about Talalla Beach Resort is their water bottle re-filling stations. Sounds ridiculous, but this was the only place we stayed in Sri Lanka that seemed to be aware of what a massive environmental problem that the country has with plastic consumption. Talalla was the only place we stayed where we could actually refill our bottles, which was so great to see and we hope that these eco-conscious practices start to get utilised more through-out the country sooner rather than later.






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