Welcome to the jungle

When we first arrived in Sri Lanka, both Nat and I were both completely burnt-out. We’d both had a massive 2016 and needed a few days of just nothingness; no email, no to-do list, no social media – just the uninterrupted head-space to truly ender holiday mode. To kick off our “real-life” detox we headed straight to a place called The Glenrock Hotel, which is located five hours east of Colombo. Situated way up in the mountains this hotel is extremely isolated and way off the beaten tourist path, we actually did not see one other tourist on the whole journey there, nor during our 4 day stay here.

The hotel itself is tucked away into the lush, green hills of the Horton Plains National Park and architecturally it feels like it’s completely part of the jungle landscape that it’s surrounded by.

It’s an incredibly mystic place, shrouded in a dreamy mist for most of the day. We woke everyday to the sound of birds and nearby streams, and felt a world away from the world which we left.   The hotel is also surrounded by a plethora of wildlife such mongoose, snakes, lizards and beautiful bird life, which we could spot from our balcony whilst sampling some of the local teas.

We felt like we waited forever for our honeymoon, but the bliss we felt after just a few days here made it well worth the wait.

Checkout The Glenrock Hotel here.


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