Organise and Manage Your Photo Collection Like A Professional Photographer

Staying organised with your photo’s may seem like a chore, but there is something so satisfying about neat and logical folders and being able to refer to a specific file in an instant – it’s like a clean car, it just makes you feel like you are winning at life.


Yosemite National Park

On the top of my “must see” list in the U.S was Yosemite National Park (YNP). YNP is situated about three hours east of San Francisco, and it was one of those places that just amazes you from the very minute that you see the sign on the side of the road. We only just scratched …

The march to Macchu Picchu

As part of our global travels last October, Nat & I embarked on a four day hike/ancient Incan pilgrimage – A.K.A The Inca Trail. This adventure began in the super-touristy Peruvian town of Cusco, where all hikers spend a couple of days getting their bodies acclimatised to the high altitude before undergoing the epic up and downhill …