Back to Nature at Barrington Tops

For the Easter long weekend, Nat & I decided to take a tree-change and head for the hills to a place called Barrington Tops. Only 3.5hrs north-west of Sydney, Barrington Tops is the definition of  ‘off the grid’. With no cafés, crowds or phone reception, all you can hear is the flow of the William River and the sounds of the resident bird-life on the prowl for tourist willing to part with a spare cracker from their cheese platter.

We stayed two nights at the Barrington Tops Wilderness Cottages, and spent the days trekking through the bush, marvelling at the various natural wonders. Fungi forests, ancient trees, fast flowing rapids – Bazza Tops has it all.

If you feel like a tree-change on your next break I can highly recommend Barrington Tops. Here’s a link to where we stayed, its a little rough around the edges, but the traquility far outweighs “modest” decor:




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