Bronte Before Sunrise

As any of our good friends would know, you would be more likely to win the lottery than to catch a glimpse of Nat and I up early on the weekend. Yesterday morning however, Nat and I choose to break the mold and get up before sunrise to go down to Bronte ocean pool for a dip and to see if there was anything worth photographing.

To our delight, it was a cracker of a sunrise and the water was pretty damn warm for pre 6am!

Below are some shots poolside at Bronte Beach.


3 thoughts

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  2. Hey,mate! Saw you videos in the blog of sony action cam. Are you satisfied with it ? Are you taking your shots with the sony camera? I am looking forward to acquire one. I would appreciate some tips 😉 anyway,great pics.

    • Hi there,
      No that was a one off project with the Sony action cam. The rest of my shots are take on a Nikon D800. The Sony Action Cam is a good camera. However it does lack a little accessories etc.

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