San Francisco

Sometimes when Nat & I only have a short amount of time in a city, we believe that no plan is the best plan.  After a quick glance of a map to get the general lay of the land, we pick out a couple of “Must See” spots before hitting the streets on foot. This is a tried-and-tested method that we’ve put into practice all over the world and ensures that you get to see a place for what it really is, rather than what it looks like from the generic tourist traps alone. It also ensures that you explore the back-streets, get lost a little, talk to locals, find the hidden cafés that serve the best bagels in town and just get out and enjoy the city for what it is on that day.

Our two short days in San Fran were brilliantly sunny ones that lit up the coloured streets of this vibing city, and meant that we could literally spend from dawn til’ dusk pounding the pavement. From our explorations, everything in this city seems to make sense, without being sterile or overly-planned – which is something that not many cities can pull-off, but San Fran does it while still looking cool at the same time.

And I couldn’t write this blog, without a mere mention of that bridge, it’s bloody brilliant. Like the backdrop of so many movies, but so much better in real life. We managed to see it three times during our two day stay and it looked different everytime – big ticks for the Golden Gate, it lives up to all it’s hype.


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