24 hrs In LA

If you’ve spoken to either Nat or myself, you’d know that our trip to America’s west coast was a complete whirlwind tour. Due to a super tight schedule and an impending road trip with a very nice car to hit the highways with (more on that later), we only got to squeeze in a mere 24 hours in Los Angeles.

In the extremely short time we were there, we were lucky enough to be graced with some epic golden weather so we got a little taste living the Californian dream – enough to put this one back on our to-do list for the very near future.

Whether its a fleeting visit, or you’re planning on spending some serious time in LA, here’s a few hot tips that we picked up on during our 24 hour fling in LA:

Stay at The Line Hotel, one of the finest designer hotels that I’ve ever had the opportunity to sleep in. It is seriously cool, and the goodness is all in the details – everything from the rooms to the check-in, to the in-room amenities are beautifully branded and the stuff that hotel-dreams are made of. While you’re there, make sure you grab a beverage by the pool at The Commissary  as the greenhouse/dining area is a destination in it’s own right.

We rolled down to Venice Beach for sunset to catch the golden rays streaming through the palm trees. This is postcode California at it’s best and well worth the visit (and the people watching).

And finally, when we were both tired and starving and just about willing to eat anything, we stumbled upon the best meal of our whole trip at Pot, one the best Korean Restaurants within the Korea Town district. Every dish was a sizzling sensation and it is still the number one response to the “where do you feel like going to dinner tonight” conundrum even back in Sydney…always a good sign.


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