Streets and skylines of NYC

In October of last year Nat and I ventured over a couple of oceans to the United States, it was an epic whirlwind trip that I’m really excited to finally have a moment to share as it seems like both a minute and forever ago since we got back.

Our first stop was the Big Apple, which was a brilliant way to ensure that we hit the ground running from day one (quite literally – we did SO much walking!) and got straight into the hustle and bustle of it all. New York is so big, and so different – it’s a very humbling experience to see before your eyes that you are just one person, in a whole world of people and that there are billions of ways to live a life (and I swear – all 7 billion people of the Eath were in Times Square).

Here are some shots of our week in NYC; some busy, some peaceful – all amazing.



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