Nat the travelling Yogi

My fiancé Nat (more on that next post!) loves yoga. She got into it a couple of years ago and has never looked back, she says it keeps her “grounded”, I say it keeps her sane. We were lucky enough to be hooked up by lululemon athletica before embarking on our adventure with some sweet new gear, which we pretty much lived in the whole trip (and no, I was not donning leggings and crop-tops – they have an awesome men’s range too).

This post is dedicated to Nat doing her thing in some of South and Central America’s most beautiful places. This is not the last you’ll see this sweet get-up and I’m sure notice it popping up again in coming posts, because it’s actually the perfect travel gear; comfortable, breathable and completely practical – without trespassing into khaki and ten pocket pants territory.

From the isolated tropical beaches of Costa Rica, where the sounds of howler monkeys accompanied her practice to the top of Machu Picchu, where we found some solace and silence away from the crowds – Nat managed to incorporate yoga into the most unlikely places on our trip, which made for some pretty amazing photography.

Check out the latest lululemon athletica apparel right here.


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