This weekend I was doing a little reminiscing about our European adventures and was trawling through our thousands of photos. I came across some shots of the Ducati Tour we did in Tuscany and realised that I never blogged about it!

Here are some shots and an exerpt from an article I did on the trip with Red Bike Tours for Australian Motorcycle News


“The 7-day tour does an all encompassing loop of the Tuscany, strategically navigating through the crème a la crème of riding territory and enabling you to check a few famous stretches of tarmac off your bucket-list, including The Futa Pass, Ducati and Ferrari’s testing road, and a run from Pieve Santo Stefano to Laverna which is home to the Tuscan Cup’s annual historic hill climb race. Hot tip: any road that comes complete with its own-checkered start and finish road markings and ripple strips is guaranteed for good times.

As far as food and accommodation goes, most would probably agree that a bike trips usually consist of dingy pubs or campsites and a diet of hamburgers and beer. As it turns out, 4 & 5 star hotels, Tuscan feasts of wine, antipasti and enough red meat to give you the sweats, after a long days riding is where the Sweet Life lives. Throughout the trip, Ducati Tours arrange your stay in Tuscany’s most primo accommodation, all of which you arrive to with your luggage already in your room. The hotels are a magic mix between grand chateaus, luxury guesthouses and hundred-year old mansions, not the stuff you’d find in your average guidebook. The whole experience makes you feel like you are getting a real Tuscan treat. Speaking of treats, lets just say that Charity is as passionate about his Italian cuisine as he is about Italian motorcycles and each and every meal will have you swearing that you will never eat that much food ever again. But you do and you will…because it’s just so damn good. 

Although these trips are focused on Italy’s homegrown sportsbikes and their supreme roads, the tour also captures something luxurious, giving you the best of both worlds. There really is no better end an epic days riding than to recline by the pool and suck back a few much-deserved cleansing ales and recap on the days highlights with your new tour mates.”

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