Istanbul – The Heart Of Turkey

Filled with breathtaking mosques, grand bazaar’s, freshly pomegranate juice. Istanbul is one of the most unassuming and humble cities that I had the opportunity of visiting during our Euro trip.
Istanbul is a cultural junction where Europe meets Asia, which is hard not to notice when you’re walking down the city streets.
Here are a few shots of the awesome Istanbul, Turkey.

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  1. Hi Kimvan,Thanks for your kind words. I have the place perfect place for you. We stayed with Erhan Özgün he has a small hotel down behind the Blue Mosque. it was such a pleasure staying there. Erhan is a really great host too. Also very cheap. email him on tell him that Luke and Natalie from Australia recommend him 🙂

  2. i appreciate your effort to introduce our historical places and our culture in this area, i have been all the places that you archived and i would like to say they are really amazing pictures, thanks…

  3. Hi @Krsnhlm thank you for your kind words. Feedback like this make me want to continue my blog even more. I look forward to returning to Turkey again soon. Next time I am around, maybe you could show me some more of the sites?Thanks,Luke

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