Out the back of Rome

During our third and final Helpx stay, we had the pleasure of working one hour north of Rome on a beautiful property owned by a lovely lady by the name of Tosi.

While working on her property for two weeks, Tosi showed us many beautiful spot well off the tourist trails which had me in a photographic frenzy.

Here are a few shots from in and around the Palidoro countryside.


**Photographic Notes**

*Roosters hanging up to dry – were turned into “Coq au Vin” which is translated as “Cock of the wine”. However, as literal translations are not that meaningful, a better translation would be “Cock cooked with wine”.  

** Tosi’s home is always open to travellers as long as you are open to a little bit of work around here property. Contact her through http://www.suncaveproductions.com/

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