Kombi Crusaders – Part 2

Before travelling to Portugal, I had always imagined that the water temperatures would be pretty inviting as the country has a very similar climate to ours back home in Oz. However, after taking my inaugural splash down on Portugal’s West coast, the atlantic ocean quickly proved my theory to be a complete and utter fail.

Note to self: next time you are planning to hit the Portuguese surf, pack a full length steamer. 
Cos’ it’s COLD. I’m talking ice-cream headache and instant foot cramp kind of bitterness. Of course I was the only idiot in boardshorts (and covered in goosed bumps), while my wetsuit-wearing local friends just smiled and shook their heads at me. Of course I also did my best to pretend that I wasn’t convulsing from the coldness. 
Luckily, the water surrounding the southern stretch of Portugal’s coastline was much better in the water temp department. It also had has some of the most amazing bits of coastline I’ve ever seen.
Here are a few more shots from our Kombi crusaded around the coastline of the Algarve, Portugal.

One thought

  1. Woah. I've never been to Portugal, and these pictures are very inviting. 🙂 The clear water is just awesome. 😉 I like the green Kombi. Is that yours? The car matches the mood of the scenery. Nice pictures!

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