My number one travel buddy

I’ve been travelling around Europe with my beautiful girlfriend Natalie for almost a year now. And what an amazing year it has been. From snowmobiling on mountainous glaciers in Iceland in sub 20 degree temperatures, to our more recent stint in the Sahara Desert, Morocco sleeping under the stars and in the middle of sandstorms. To say that she is an excellent traveller would be a complete understatement. 
I’m lucky in the fact that Nat is always such a beautiful, funny, energetic, travel smart  kind of girl, who always manages to make me laugh even in the most unfunny of situations.
Nat really is my ultimate travel buddy and life companion and theres no one that I’d rather have by my side throughout my European experience.
Here are a few of my most recent and favourite photo’s of Nat in France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. It was a hard process choosing these shots because I’m pretty sure she is the most photographed girl in the whole of Europe (maybe the world) right now.
If you want to read more about our worldly adventures check out Nat’s blog

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