Bushwalking With The Manfrotto Off Road Hiker

As a kid and throughout my teens, I spent the majority of my free time hiking, riding and camping in the bush lands surrounding the family home, so when I recently visited my parents at their home at the base of the beautiful Blue Mountains, just one and a half hours north-west of Sydney, Australia, I decided that a good bush bushwalk was well overdue and the perfect way to test out the new Manfrotto Off road Hiker 30L Backpack.

When people talk about about the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, most immediately think of places like Katoomba, The Three Sister and Leura; all of which are on the sight seeing hit-list for overseas travellers – but what people don’t know is that there is another, just as impressive side to the Blue Mountains in the north, filled with fresh produce, beautiful gardens and stunning bushlands. Kurrajong Heights and Bilpin is situated approximately 45 minute from your usual Blue Mountains tourist traps and this local bushland is thriving with native flora and fauna – from Grass Trees a.k.a Black Boys and giant Eucalyptus trees to native Rock Wallabys and Water Dragons – the many tracks that the area offers make for interesting and varied day treks.

I hiked along a small local creek system called Wheeny Creek that runs down the back of our  family property. The creek runs for kilometers and eventually links up with the Collo River one of the major river systems in the region. 

The new Off road Hiker 30L has been specifically designed for those that combine hiking with their photography, with quick side-access to your camera and ample room for packing snacks, water and anything else that you need for a day out in the wilderness.

The Off Road Hiker Back Pack has the ability to comfortably carry a professional grade DSLR with a lens up to 70-200mm and one spare lens. Thanks to the clever design the internal Manfrotto camera protection system, it can actually be removed from the pack all together to allow you to use the bag purely as a hiking pack. 

The bag also has a high focus on ergonomics and accessibility with innovative camera strap featured on the front of the backpack enables the camera to be kept securely fastened to the chest when it’s being carried, avoiding neck strain. You also have quick access to your camera at all times even when its packed away via the side pocket.

This Day with Me: Manfrotto Off road Hiker 30L Backpack & Compact Action Tripod Part # MKCOMPACTACN-BK

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