Gallivanting Through The Galapagos

I took nearly six thousand photos in five weeks during Nat and I’s trip to Central and South America, so the task of sorting, selecting and editing is a big one – hence the backlog. But the good thing about the delay is that I almost forgot how amazing and totally mind-blowing some of the places we visited actually were – the Galapagos Islands being number one.

If you only put one place on your travel bucket-list forever more, make sure it’s the Galapagos Islands as I can’t even begin to explain how epic this place is and it’s honestly worth every cent. From an abundance of wildlife to some of the most beautiful and rugged terrain I’ve ever witnessed, the Galapagos is what the world would look like if we humans weren’t so set on interfering.

The Galapagos Islands are an easy two-hour flight from Guayaquil Ecuador, and you have the option of flying to either Baltra or San Cristóbal.  From here, the best way to explore the islands is via boat as most of the places you want to get to are National Parks so can only be accessed by dinghy during certain times of the day (as not to disturb the wildlife). We did a five day “voyage” with Millennium Yacht, which was a luxury boat that specialise in good food and small groups, both of which are big ticks for us when we travel. It was quite a costly endeavour, but waking each morning to seals playing below of our room balcony and throwing back cocktails each night watching the Frigate Birds ride the updrafts of our yacht, totally justified the expense. The days are set up to eat, hike, snorkel, eat, hike, eat, snorkel and then eat again – which suited us just fine, and we literally crashed into bed each night exhausted the days activities.

Here’s a bunch of shots from our epic Galapagos Voyage. Make sure you stay tuned for the next “David Attenborough Tribute” post for a bunch of cool wildlife pics.


DSC_9974_1DSC_9886_1DSC_9826_1DSC_9820_1DSC_9792_1DSC_0725_1DSC_0719_1DSC_0707_1DSC_0689_1DSC_0676_1DSC_0585_1DSC_0300 DSC_0306_1   DSC_0288_1DSC_0285_1DSC_0204_1DSC_0055DSC_0145_1DSC_0089_1

DSC_0711_1 DSC_0205_1

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