Must See Mexico City

To begin with, Mexico City exceeded all expectations. In fact, the two days we had in the city was nowhere near enough and if I could sum up Mex City in a word it would be ‘underrated’. Completely and utterly sold short in the presumption of danger and dirtiness.

Mexico City is in fact, an eclectic mix of old and new worlds, home to some of Latin America’s best restaurants, architecture, museums and some of the kindest and most helpful people we’ve ever met in our travels throughout the world. But on the flip-side, there is also obvious and deep-set poverty and each chaotic city street greets you with a machine-gun wielding police officer or an unknown, sometimes offensive smell. It’s an assault on all the senses, but in both a bad and good way, which we were not totally expecting.

In our two days in Mex city, we put our legs to work pounding the pavement to some of the main sites in the city and some of the more off-the-grid locations. Here are some photos from our too-short-a-stay in Mexico City.


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