Interview: Manly Pinterest Tips

A few days ago I was approached by a few fellas who work in digital marketing in the USA. They want to get me involved in a google hang-out with 50+ people to discuss some of my tips for men using Pinterest . I’d never done a live interview before, but I wasn’t going to pass up such a great opportunity.

Here’s a little more on how it all went down:

Streamed live on Dec 13, 2013

Manly Pinterest Tips Episode II

Men having success on Pinterest join together to talk about how Pinterest can help you:
-Strengthen and grow your network
-Drive traffic to your blog or website
-Increase the benefits to your business
-Enhance other areas of your life

The Panel:: Mike Allton, Les Dossey, Stephan Hovnanian, Wade Harman and Jeff Sieh are discussing how Pinterest can help grow your business.

With special guest Luke Dean-Weymark who has over 900,000 followers over on Pinterest

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